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MJK Studio Auto`s Detailing offers a wide range of services and for both companies and individuals.

Some examples:

   You want to sell your car  


    You have to give your car to leasing  


    You will get married and you want your car to stand out  


    You have a utility vehicle that is your business card  


    You are a fanatic enthusiast of cars that wants to keep your car in the best condition  


    You have a special car, such as an oldtimer with a lot of chromium, paint Special etc  


    You have little time or you do not have it at all, you lack knowledge or materials / space  

MJK Studio Auto`s Detailing

I like to serve both private individuals and companies (automotive) in various ways.


MJK Studio Auto`s Detailing is not a great company dealing with car detailing, in which many cars must be prepared in the shortest possible time. Only 1 car is always treated at once for the whole concentration and time to be focused on it, the more I put the emphasis on perfection. This has a big impact on waiting time. 


I provide light communication, good contracts and ensures brightness.

Top quality products

Another difference can be seen in products that I use: high quality, proven quality and always tested first on your vehicles and your own experience. MJK Studio Auto`s Detailing has its own professional workshop and laundry room. We are in a central location in Uden.


The technology and electronics of modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complex, so I have the latest technical information and the highest quality testing technology at my disposal.

Due to the increasing number of electronic system components and electrical consumers in a car, the vehicle repairing becomes an increasing complex. As a result, the maintenance of a car's complex electrical system goes well beyond replacing a burnout light bulb or a fuse.

A large number of electronic components not only communicate with each other, but in some cases only work together. If one of component fails, the entire vehicle electrical system may stopped. In this case, I have got unique knowledge that I can use professionally to repair your car at any time.


Thanks to this professional technique, removing unevenness and dents in the vehicle's body is quick and inexpensive without the need for painting - provided that the paintwork has not been damaged when a bump or indentation appeared.


Typical reasons for repairs using this technique include: damages caused by hailstorms, impacts on door edges, parking damages, chestnuts falling from trees, falling icicles, etc.. Dents caused during the cars transportation are also repaired very quickly and without damaging the original paintwork.
⦁ The original paint is retained!
⦁ a repairing is usually done the 3 times faster than painting.
⦁ the vehicles are being repaired on site.
⦁ there are no colour differences, as no painting is necessary. 
⦁ there is no environmental pollution, since no chemicals are being used.
⦁ a vehicle is protected from sanding dust during painting and is therefore clean,
⦁ there is no depreciation of the vehicle, as the original condition is restored to 100 %.
⦁ a repairing is the significant cost savings compared to full painting.