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Detailing cars... What is this?

In order for the recollection of the vehicle to be a bit brighter, I gave the most important steps and details here, which entails the effective car details.

Washing process

It is important that the car is to wash with a good shampoo (neutral pH), a soft glove for washing and enough water. This minimizes the risk of scratches with wax. We wash in a few steps, it is also possible to clean the DNA of the car. The wheel arch, cracks and seams are obviously taken into account in the washing process. Then dried the car using extremely soft cloth for drying from microfiber and compressed air.


After washing the wagon is carried out to decontaminate the paint and glass to remove the tar, resin, acidic rainfall, industrial and other precipitation. Clay takes place with clay, as the name suggests to which the fluid with a special composition is added. This has the function of soaking the dirt in bulk and allowing the clay to perform its work easily and without risk. Then the pores are completely free from dirt and the paint is ready for polishing.

Waying paint

We check the surface of paint in terms of imperfections: loose scratches, wax scratches, burned bird droppings, industrial rainfall etc.

Wax / Coating

Before we start applying wax / coating, it is important that we first apply cleaning. In this way, wax or coating will be able to adhere better and its durability will be optimized.

Measurement of paint thickness

Before we start the further process of car retail, we measure the thickness of the varnish layer of each panel. We note it on a vector drawing of a car. On this basis, we can also check if some panels have been repainted. Or that the thickness of the paint on the panels is low, which means that we have to adjust our way of work and thus exclude the risk of damage. Then thy rubber, front windshield, wheels and plastic parts as part of preparations for polishing.


One of the most important processes during the car retail procedure. The car is polished in one or more steps depending on the state of the varnish. In this way, the paint recovers its glossy shine and small waxy scratches and possibly larger scratches are removed. All residues after polishing are removed using ultra-beautiful microfiber cloths. We only polish with professional tools and we are known for our hologram and the result without centrifugation (cleaning scratches, round wheels).

Leak (sealing varnish)

A beautiful gloss, which is in the paint after processing is protected by an extremely long time through a coating based on silicon dioxide (SiO₂), the latest technology in the field of quartz ceramic coating. The seal / paint coating creates a protective layer on the varnish that protects, for example, against minor scratches caused by washing. But also against; Acid rains, Bird Drain and UV radiation.

Plastics and rubber

Plastic and rubber are exposed to UV rays, salts, acidic rain and other, which cause them to dry and quickly discolor. To prevent this, I impose a coating that nourishes rubber and plastics, protects them and restores their original color.


Now, when there is a beautiful gloss on the paint, of course it is to be stored as long as possible. Hard wax ensures the highest protection and gives the paint even deeper (wet look) gloss.

Wheel protection

The rims will quickly get dirty because of the brake dust, tar, etc. Due to the heat of the dirt, this one begins to adhere and usually it is difficult to remove it. By applying a protective layer on a hoop, dirt can be easily removed at the next washing. In addition, the coating for the wheels gives rims a beautiful gloss.

Engine chamber

The engine compartment is completely purified and degreased, and then treated with a protective layer that gives a beautiful look.