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© 2022 MJK Studio

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Contact number:  



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Neutronenlaan 44,

5405 NH Uden

Manual fast

1,5 h

€ 25 + BTW

Cleaning the interior of the vehicle

2 h

€ 15 + BTW

Detailing car washing and interior cleaning

5 h

€ 50 + BTW

Wax varnish protection

4 h

€ 50 + BTW

Application of invisible wipers on the windscreen

1 h

€ 20 + BTW

Application of invisible wipers on all windows

3 h

€ 55 + BTW

Wash upholstery

6-8 h

€ 70 + BTW


2 h

€ 35 + BTW

The sub-ceiling

2 h

€ 25 + BTW

Leather upholstery and nutrition (full of bacon or board)

8 h

€ 80 + BTW

Engine compartment

2-3 h

€ 30 + BTW

Non-laying varnish One steps

depending on vehicle size

€ 200 + BTW

Ceramic box (60 months)

depending on vehicle size

€ 515 + BTW

Overview and maintenance of the shell

depending on vehicle size

€ 55 + BTW

Preparation for sale
(Detailing cleaning, Wax app, Upholstery washing, Fragrance app)

8 h

€ 135 + BTW

Car computer diagnostics

1 h

€ 50 + BTW


8 h

€ 265 + BTW




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Rates / Package

Here is a review of several ready-made packages to the car.

It is necessary to an all-in (in conjunction with a comprehensive package interior), wherein the vehicle is all thoroughly dissolved.

You prefer something put together yourself? 

Contact us to make a free estimate. Are there any ambiguities or questions? call or send an e-mail to get more information.


To submit a package, follow these steps:

You choose the package internal and / or external. Together, this creates a complete treatment.


* Prices are based on "normal" dirty interior. In the event of exceptional dirt or stains price will be determined in consultation with the client. In the case of cars that are larger than average, which is smoke and / or in which there are many pet dander, charge an additional price, please contact us for more information.

Tool life Wax & Protect packaging: at least 3 months to 6 months

Tool life The All-in: a minimum of 6 months to 1 year. Due to the combination of 3 layers, often even longer

Ceramic coating / glass:

Some advantages of the ceramic coating:

 Durable paint protection


Protection against scratches and crushing


  The paint is self-cleaning


 The vehicle is easy to clean


  Paint is steady (high gloss)

Your vehicle retains its value


  The hardness of the lacquer (1H to 10H) is not less than 9H


  Protects against acid rain


  UV protection


Exceptional wear resistance


  Protection against bird droppings and tree sap from


  Protection from 3 to 5 years

This package is particularly suitable for cars in the new state (new and used), but the best result can be achieved if the paint does not have the minimum traces of the user.

From € 500, - per new car * and € 600, - per used car * (including VAT)
Detailing lasts at least 4 days in the case of a new car and 5 days in the case of a used car.


We can also take care of the maintenance of the ceramic coating.
If you get interested in, it is best to contact us for more information and / or make an appointment.

 Removal of resin / matt stains
 Removing stickers

Other vehicles such as boats / caravans etc.

Treatment of odors using ozone machine.

With a professional machine (price and time: € 50, - approx. 6 to 12 hours.)
Expandable by careful cleaning the inside of the agreement.

Repair dull headlights:The headlights are cut and polished in several stages. They are then provided with a protective coating. (Price and time: € 75, - approx. 2 hours for a set of floodlights.)

All prices are derived from VAT inclusive.